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November Festivities 🎊

November 01, 2019

November Festivities 🎊

Goodbye October, Hello November! 👋

Get ready for the festive season with Aldha this November. Enjoy our special offers on premium organic, natural & clean skincare. ❣️

Introductory Specials ☺️

Nature Up

Nature Up uses an innovative green patented technology, Bioliquefaction, to extract active ingredients of plant origin. Plant extracts remain rich in active and completely water-based molecules, free of alcohol, glycols, glycerine or other solvents.


These products focus on toning and anti-ageing effects enriched with Hibiscus seeds, which have a natural firming quality and precious vitamins.

Enjoy an Introductory 30% Off During The Month of November for our new Naturys and Nature Up products!

Bema Organic Christmas Facial 🥰

Enjoy a relaxing and revitalizing organic facial to give your skin a festive boost. An all-natural treatment created to brighten and even skin tone.


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