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by Aldha Store December 04, 2019


12 DAYS OF #AldhaChristmasGifting is here 👋❗️

Do you want to stand a chance to win a Premium Organic product every day?

Celebrate the 12 days of Christmas with Aldha's 12 Days of Giveaways!

One lucky winner will be gifted a Premium Organic product EVERY DAY from Thursday, 5th to Tuesday, 17th December! 💝

How Can You Win? 🤩

Giveaway details

💝 A new gift will appear every day on our Instagram and Facebook at 3 PM

💝 Deadline: 3 PM the following day (E.g. For 5th December's Giveaway, deadline will be 6th December 3 PM).

💝 Winners will be announced at 1 hour after the deadline.

* Entries via Instagram ONLY.
* Terms & Conditions apply

🎄 Don't miss out on our Instagram & Facebook daily updates, promotions & giveaways this festive season!

Aldha Store
Aldha Store


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