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3 Advantages of Organic Skin Care for Men

November 13, 2019

3 Advantages of Organic Skin Care for Men

Alright, lads.

You hear it everywhere.  Organic is the best way to go when nourishing your body.  From nutrition to skincare. But with women’s products seemingly bursting from the shelves, it leaves many men wondering what’s out there for them!  Fortunately, we have some of the best solutions to keeping your skin not just handsome, but healthy! Here, we list 3 advantages to using organic skincare and the top products to deliver on these benefits!

The skin is the largest organ. Your skin protects you from bacteria and other foreign invaders that can damage your health. For this reason, it is imperative that you maintain quality skincare regimens. Because the body is a carrier – not a barrier – this means that what you put on your skin, you essentially put in your skin. Sadly, as with women’s products too, not all men’s grooming products are created equal. The over-the-counter creams, lotions, washes, and soaps you find at your local grocery stores or convenience stores are largely filled with questionable ingredients that are even restricted in some countries!

Fortunately, natural and organic men’s grooming products do exist and because of their very nature, they are not harmful to the skin, which actually makes them worth the investment as they do not fix one concern while adding a host of others (like allergic reactions, sensitive outbreaks to harmful chemicals, etc.) 

Here are 3 reasons why you’ll want to invest in only the best for your skin:

Your Overall Health

As discussed earlier, we all know that what we place on our bodies goes into our bodies.  Because the skin acts much like a sponge, it actually absorbs lotions, creams, and salves – and ALL THE INGREDIENTS THAT MAKE UP THAT PRODUCT. When companies use harmful or questionable and non-tested substances, you are definitely risking a counter-intuitive response from your body.  If your goal is to maintain clean, clear skin, adding these foreign substances that companies use could wind up causing far more issues internally and even aesthetically. Beyond breakouts, you may even have allergic reactions as your body isn’t familiar with the substances or harsh chemicals that are roaming throughout your body.  Oftentimes, this may not even be acknowledged until much later down the road.

Here are just SOME of the synthetic ingredients found in many products:

  1. Parabens. Chemical preservatives that can mimic estrogen. They've been linked to the risk of breast cancer in various studies available.
  2. Phthalates. These are used to make plastics softer and more flexible. A 2015 report found that exposure to these chemicals can "contribute to a decline in semen quality." Science has shown that regularly absorbing phthalates through your skin leads to significantly decreased fertility.  Again, this is something that could potentially come up later down the road and sadly, affect far more than your appearance. 
  3. Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS).  A popular agent used to cleanse, SLS has a “degenerative effect on the cell membranes because of its protein denaturing properties.” Many foaming cosmetics contain SLS and when tested in humans, skin irritation increased directly with concentration. So, even a little bit of this when diluted is clearly not healthy for you or your skincare goals. 

The solution? Bema Cosmetici has the top-of-the-line anti-ageing and eco-friendly products specifically studied to cleanse effectively man's skin while respecting its natural moisturization. Don’t just look good – feel good, about your product purchases! 

Unknown Ingredients!

As if the above-known ingredients weren’t alarming enough, there are many more that we have yet to discover or fully test. One of the major problems with cosmetics is very little government oversight.  While organic companies focus on ethics and police themselves with stringent guidelines for quality assurance, most companies do not – nor do they have to. It’s all about integrity.

One of the ways that companies hide dangerous chemicals is by adding them to fragrances. Of course, fragrances are common in shower gels and other body wash products. Because “fragrance” is a catch-all term, it’s best to look for natural and organic skincare for men with essential oils as fragrances as this is much safer than those made with synthetics.  

Our suggested solution for your showers? We highly recommend the BEMA Foam Shower, which is based on pure extract of black currant seeds, organic olive oil and sweet almond oil.  It has been specifically studied to effectively cleanse man's skin while also softening and toning your skin, providing a pleasant feeling of freshness and wellbeing all day long.

Save while you shave – the planet, that is.

If it isn’t good for your body, it isn’t good for the planet, either. A recent report analyzed the effect of synthetic fragrances on marine life finding that certain ingredients found commonly in skincare were harmful in the sense that they compromise the defence system.  Alarmingly, these effects continued up to 48 hours even after the chemical ingredients and fragrances were washed away for the mussels used in the study. 

What you use at your sink gets washed down into drains and eventually the ocean.  So, how do we keep your skin and conscious clean? Next time you are shaving, consider using Bema Bio After Shave, a natural and safe option for quality shaving.


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