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A Guide to Ethical Beauty: What does it all mean?

August 16, 2020 1 Comment

A Guide to Ethical Beauty: What does it all mean?

From child labour to animal testing to plastic pollution, the rise of media coverage on unethical practices that occur within the beauty industry has created a shift in the consumer mindset. More and more beauty consumers are starting to adopt the practice of ethical consumerism, which is the practice of purchasing products that do not cause harm or cause exploitation of other humans, animals and the environment. The increased awareness and mindfulness among consumers has created a demand for ethical beauty.

Distinguishing what is ethical when it comes to beauty can vary from person to person. However, when ethics come into play, it usually consists of the following six topics.

Cruelty-Free | Vegan | Organic | Clean | Fairtrade | Sustainable


The term cruelty-free is used to describe a brand that does not conduct any animal testing. When a brand decides to use this term, they do not perform animal testing on any of their products at any point in time, from the ingredients to the finished product. Nor should they allow any third party organisation to do so.


Just like the diet, vegan-friendly beauty products do not contain any ingredients that come from an animal. This also includes animal by-products such as beeswax and milk.


Organic products often consist of ingredients that are grown or produced without the use of pesticides, synthetic ingredients or genetically modified organisms.

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This category of ethical beauty is relatively new, but it is a growing topic, especially among skincare junkies. Clean often refers to non-toxic products produced without ingredients that research has shown to cause harmful health effects in the long run.


According to the Fairtrade Foundation, it is all about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms. Especially for farmers and workers in developing countries. When a beauty brand pledges to practice fairtrade, it should mean that they source their ingredients responsibly and provide the proper treatment for the hands that produce their products.


Movements like zero waste and plastic-free living have definitely, impacted the beauty industry. Sustainable beauty brands are those who strive to make their business and products without causing a significant impact on the environment. It could be in rooted in their products, which begins from using eco-friendly ingredients and packaging. Sustainability can also exist within their business strategy, in movements such as waste reduction and green internal operations.

Common Ethical Certifications for Ethical Beauty (Credit: Time to Get Clean)Chart by Time to Get Clean

How do I know if a brand is ethical or not?

Now that we have covered the surface of ethical beauty, how does one tell if a brand is ethical or not? Looking at certifications is the easiest way to identify an ethical brand. Each ethical beauty segment has recognised organisations that keep brands in check.

Certifications can sometimes be hard for brands to achieve, especially for small, local brands. Hence, some brands choose to rely on their consumer's trust. These brands use ethical terms to describe their business without obtaining any official certifications. Some brands are what they claim, but of course, there will be rotten eggs in the industry. So it is essential to do your research on the brand before choosing who to support. Sometimes, it can be tough to determine whether the brand is reliable, and due to that, we put our trust in selected bloggers who are in contact with brands and are well updated. For example, Logical Harmony and Cruelty-Free Kitty are well-known bloggers who spend a large amount of their time creating cruelty-free brand lists to make it easier for us consumers. There are also many other resources available online to help you with your ethical beauty journey.

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Why Aldha x Time To Get Clean?

We are so grateful that Aldha found us and that as a brand, they are committed to sustainability and wellness in beauty products, in line with our beliefs too. Here are some excerpts of our reviews on Bema Cosmetici, from Aldha based on our skin and hair consultation with them:

Nature Up: Organic Micellar Water

Nature Up Organic Micellar Water Sensitive Skin Natural Cleansing Water Lotion for Eyes and Face Clean Beauty Singapore

Image by Time to Get Clean

This Organic Micellar Water removes makeup, cleanses and soothes all in one go without altering your skin balance and hydration. Removes makeup effectively and gently from your face, eyes and lips.

An exceptional Vegan, Certified Organic and Gluten-Free cleansing water for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

“I really love the ease of use. The dispenser works amazingly well with my reusable cotton rounds.” - Huda on the Nature Up Organic Micellar Water

Bema Cosmetici Hair Pro: Organic Volumizing Shampoo

Bema Cosmetici Hair Pro Organic Volumizing Shampoo Volume Shampoo Thin Hair care Natural Shampoo Singapore

Image by Time to Get Clean

Gently cleanses and deeply nourishes hair without weighing it down, strengthening hair, giving it body and volume.

The Baobab leaf extracts in synergy with the Organic Olive and Organic Macadamia Oil deeply moisturise the hair from the roots and protect the scalp, forming a barrier against weather agents and pollutants. The innovative use of an emulsion (as an alternative to silicones) made with Açaí and Passion Fruit Oil helps to reduce skin dryness drastically, thereby giving extra volume and shine to your hair, which is enhanced by the action of the Organic Marigold and Lavender Distilled Water.

“First of all, it smells great! It also leaves my hair feeling soft and clean. I would say it doesn’t give a massive volumising action, more for subtle volume but it might work even better with the other volumising products from the same brand. What I love most is that it doesn't give me that weird feeling of build-up in my hair like some other sea salt volumising hair products tend to do.⠀⁣ Would I repurchase this? Yes!⠀What I love most is that it doesn't give me that weird feeling of build-up in my hair like some other sea salt volumizing hair products tend to do.” - Glyniss on the Bema Cosmetici Hair Pro Organic Volumizing Shampoo

Time To Get Clean

You may be wondering, who are we? Hence, we'd like to give a brief introduction to our passion project; Time To Get Clean. We met as classmates in school where our love for beauty manifested into this shared account we created. We aim to bring awareness on the topic of ethical beauty while inspiring others to join us on our journey of streamlining our beauty stash.

We are far from being 100% ethical in our beauty choices but are working our way there. It is a lot to digest but small steps count in making more conscious choices. This is especially important when it comes to where you put your hard-earned money. There is no one solution or action to take when choosing to go on this route of ethical beauty and ultimately, we hope to make the decision-making process fun and exciting. We are on Instagram @timetogetclean. See you guys there!

x, Glyniss & Huda


 Article by Glyniss and Huda from Time to Get Clean

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