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How To: Sanitise Your Home And Kids’ Toys

August 11, 2020

How To: Sanitise Your Home And Kids’ Toys

When it comes to our loved ones, there’s likely nothing we wouldn’t do to keep them safe.  Especially when it is our little ones who rely on us for their safety, security and health.  We do our best to raise them to brush their teeth, wash their faces and hands, and practice other hygienic habits. But, when it comes to their treasured toys, play area, etc, we often overlook the need for them to be sanitised. No judgment here, however.  We all have so much on our plates already. 

That said, we have some easy and simple solutions that allow you to sanitise your home and your kids’ toys as you’re ‘keeping house’ with Bentley Organic's powerful yet gentle products listed below.

Reap the benefits of non-toxic household cleaners.  Did you know that non-toxic cleaners can be just as potent, if not more so, than traditional household cleaners? It’s true. In fact, non-toxic cleaners are perfectly safe around children, clean the air you breathe, can be far more cost-effective and do their part to save the planet! See just some of the amazing products we recommend below:

Surface & Toy Sanitiser (Regular & Mini size)

Bentley Organic’s organic certified Toy Sanitiser is 99.9% effective against germs and bacteria, yet gentle on the environment. With an intentional blend of plant extracts, it leaves surfaces clean and parents at peace.

Bentley Organic Surface & Toy Sanitizer Singapore Safe for Babies Organic Sanitizer
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Mother and Baby Hand Sanitiser

One pump is all you need of Bentley Organic's alcohol-free moisturising hand sanitiser. It’s proven to kill 99.9% of germs thanks to its antibacterial properties from organic Aloe Vera Extract and Bitter Orange peel Extract.

Bentley Organic Mother and Baby Hand Sanitiser Organic Baby Sanitizer Singapore
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Hand Sanitiser: Fragrance-Free/Lemon Oil

Opt for a fresh citrus scent or a fragrance-free, moisturising sanitiser. These two can keep your hands from getting germs, as well as, getting dry.

Bentley Organic Fragrance Free Hand Sanitiser Organic Hand Sanitizer Singapore

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Bentley Organic Lemon Oil Hand Sanitizer Organic Hand Sanitiser Singapore Lemon Infused
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Washing time

These plant-powered products keep the skin clean, yet leaves them feeling noticeably hydrated. Packed with organic essentials for beautiful skin, preventing skin from drying out or cracking.

Hand washes

Detoxifying, Deep Cleansing, Calming & Moisturising, Revitalising - Purify, detoxify, moisturise and cleanse.  Bentley Organic line of hand washes are all Paraben-Free, SLS Free, SLES Free, Alcohol-Free, Phenoxyethanol Free, Synthetic Colour Free, Synthetic Fragrance-Free. Vegetarian and Vegan.

Bentley Organic Hand Wash Organic Hand Washes Singapore
Shop all Bentley Organic Hand Washes

Body wash

 Bentley Organic Body Wash Detoxifying Revitalizing Essential Oil Infused Organic Body Wash Singapore

Detoxifying, Deep Cleansing, Calming & Moisturising, Revitalising - Everything you need to keep a clean body and a clean conscience.  Our body wash products are formulated to cleanse your skin without upsetting your natural moisture balance.

Soap Bars

 Bentley Organic Soap Bar Award Winning Organic Soap Bar Eco Friendly Vegan Vegetarian Cruelty Free Body Wash Singapore

Calming & Moisturising, Deep Cleansing - Take a deep breath as you get an even deeper cleanse with our alluring aromatic soaps that are made with natural antibacterial agents.

Shop all Bentley Organic Body Washes

Home Cleaners

Invest in Bentley Organic Household Cleaners for a home that is healthy for its inhabitants. Health benefits extend to family members who are no longer breathing in cleaning residue lingering in the air and sitting on surfaces. One suggestion is to replace each of the traditional toxic cleaners you currently use with its natural, germ-fighting alternative as you finish up the last of your products.  Here are some of our top-rated choices for healthy home care.

Floor Cleaner

Children and pets can spend a great deal of time on our floors. Cleaning them with products that do not contain bleach, sulphates or phosphates is ideal.

Bentley Organic Floor Cleaner No Bleach No Sulphates Natural Floor Cleaner Safe for Babies and Pets Vegetarian Vegan Detergent Singapore
Buy now

Toilet Cleaner

Few places are as germ-infested as the bathroom. Have peace of mind knowing that your commode is as clean as it is chemically-free with our Bentley Organic Toilet Cleaner.

Bentley Organic Toilet Cleaner Vegetarian Vegan No Bleach Sulphates or Phosphates Kills Germs Safe for Baby Home Detergent Natural Cleaning Agent Singapore

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Kitchen And Surface Cleaner

Between prepping and cleaning, the kitchen is an incubator for bacteria - oftentimes, worse than the toilet!  Eat in confidence and cleanliness when you spray with Bentley’s Organic Kitchen And Surface Cleaner.

Bentley Organic Kitchen and Surface Cleaner Sanitiser Natural Vegan Home Sanitizing Spray Singapore
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Washing Up Liquid

Washing your cutlery brings a whole new meaning to ‘clean eating’. Our organic certified powered Washing Up Liquid is made up of plant extracts that leave tableware and utensils non-toxic and squeaky clean.

Bentley Organic Washing Up Liquid Natural Washing Up Liquid Eco Bio Vegetarian Vegan Liquid Detergent Singapore
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Salad, Fruit & Vegetable Wash

Remove chemicals and dirt from any non-organic food product while using food-grade ingredients that leave no aftertaste or odour.

Bentley Organic Salad, Fruit and Vegetable Wash
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Window and Glass Cleaner

There’s certainly more than just handprints on your windows. Wipe away streaks and germs with a safe, organic-certified Window & Glass Cleaner that is 99.9% effective against germs and bacteria.

Bentley Organic Surface and Glass Cleaner

Buy now

Shower and Bathroom Cleaner

What good is a shower or bath if you’re standing or soaking in filth? Trust Bentley’s Organic Shower and Bathroom Cleaner that’s tough on germs and yet environment friendly.

Bentley Organic Shower and Bathroom Cleaner
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Now that you're all done...

Ready to toss in the towel and close out your cleaning for the day? Be sure to use Hand Moisturisers for post-cleansing to get a deep clean and refreshing aroma.

Bema Nice Hands Hand Cream - Protect your skin with an award-winning product that is sure to provide long-lasting moisture.

Bema Bio Nice Hands Organic Hand Cream
Buy now

You work hard to keep your home in order and environmentally safe.  Let these natural products keep everything, from your furnishings and furry friends to your counters and kids, free of germs and full of love.

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