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Why You Should Switch to Natural Deodorants

September 12, 2019

Why You Should Switch to Natural Deodorants

Everyone's been talking about natural deodorants recently!

Why? Because of the claims that aluminium, which is the active ingredient in most antiperspirants could be dangerous for us. There have been suggestions that aluminium can increase the risk of cancer or has links to Alzheimer’s disease.

What are the claims?

One study in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease found that use of aluminium-based antiperspirants increased the risk of developing Alzheimer’s later in life by 60%. Another 2009 study from the University of Reading, U.K., that found a correlation between “the increase in cancers of the outside upper quadrant of the breast with the increase in the use of chemical cosmetics, including antiperspirant” (Gillian Deacon, There’s Lead in Your Lipstick, 2011).

Antiperspirants typically contain aluminium, which blocks sweat glands, in turn reducing sweat excretion, said Dr Forum Patel, a dermatologist at Union Square Laser Dermatology in New York. Aluminium-based deodorants essentially block the sweat glands, preventing any sweat or odour from escaping our body.

So what should we do?

Although there has not been a decisive answer or confirmation as to the extent of how harmful the aluminium in antiperspirants is, there have been many that believe that going the natural route is the best route. And we believe that too!

Although natural deodorants may not be 100% sweat-proof, natural deodorants contain ingredients that are actually beneficial for you and don't pose any harmful threats as antiperspirants do!

Ingredients like Aloe Extract and mineral-rich clay can actually improve the condition of your pits, leaving them smooth and less prone to irritation. Plus, some ingredients used in natural deodorants (like witch hazel) can also shrink pores and smooth razor burn.

Bema Deodorant Range

Additionally, natural deodorants don’t block your pores. Hence, they allow the good bacteria on your skin to work, which helps reduce odour, even when you’re not wearing deodorant. Sweat itself doesn’t cause body odor, but when mixed with the bacteria on your skin, it can stink. Natural deodorants help control this bacteria, therefore reducing any odour that might occur.

Want to make the switch? Check out our natural deodorants!

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