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On its way from the spring to the tap, water travels through long straight pipes made from different materials — lead, asbestos, plastic, etc. Substances which comes into contact with our water changes the particles in our water. The same thing happens in bottles or water dispensers in which water is stationary for a longer period of time.

Flaska products bring the vibrational structure of water closer to the structure of spring water, i.e. water in its natural environment. Using the TPS (Technology of Programming Silicon) procedure, a vibrational programme consisting of various kinds of information from nature is imprinted into the glass.

The Flaska water bottle is made from robust glass, which is highly resistant to drops and knocks and will survive the majority of everyday accidents. Glass is the most logical material for water bottles – it doesn’t put your health at risk, helps protect the environment and enables you to live an active lifestyle.

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