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N97 Masks

MetaMasks feature a proprietary nano-coco-carbon matrix from New Zealand – an extremely thin nanotechnology filter providing exceptional breathability and 99.99% protection from PM2.5 Microns airborne pollutants; meeting or exceeding P2, N95 AND AS/NZA1716.v standards

Air Pollution Protection is now ESSENTIAL for personal health & wellbeing, especially because the danger is INVISIBLE and accumulative. Children and young people with developing brains & bodies are the most at risk. Educate and protect yourself, your family and friends with MetaMasks.

Due to Health Regulationsrespiratory masks are personal items and may not be exchanged or returned for resale. Masks will be replaced only if defective in materials or construction. Please consider your order carefully before placing it.

Metamasks have been tested and certified by Nelson Labs, the world's leading Independent Testing Authority. The results of MetaMasks newest 3rd Generation nano filters have just been released by Nelson on June 2020. Find the latest testing of 
Viral Filtration Efficiency - Bacterial Filtration Efficiency - Latex Particle Challenge_2

Metamasks have been tested and certified by Nelson Labs, the world's leading Independent Testing Authority. The results of our newest 3rd Generation nano filters has just been released by Nelson on June 2020. Downloads latest testing of  Viral Filtration Efficiency - Bacterial Filtration Efficiency - Latex Particle Challenge 2

Find out more about Metamasks here.


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