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Aria Fashion N97 Face Mask with Replaceable Filter. 99.99% protection at PM2.5 Microns • Super-breathable outer with organic bamboo inner.

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Aria– The most sporty and BREATHABLE range.
MetaMasks is the World's most comfortable, efficient and stylish Fashion Face mask.

Sustainably made blending Italian design, New Zealand Innovation, and natural & organic materials.

MetaMasks feature a proprietary nano-coco-carbon matrix from New Zealand – an extremely thin nanotechnology filter providing exceptional breathability and 99.99% protection from PM2.5 Microns airborne pollutants; meeting or exceeding P2, N95 AND AS/NZA1716.v standards

PM2.5 indicates the size of invisible toxic pollutants that can pass through the lung membrane into your bloodstream, heart and brain, causing serious disease and even death.

Every day more than 20,000 men, women and children die from air pollution worldwide. Millions more are diagnosed with a serious respiratory disease and BILLIONS of us will breathe toxic, chemical & pathogen-laden air as we go about our daily activities.

Air Pollution Protection is now ESSENTIAL for personal health & wellbeing, especially because the danger is INVISIBLE and accumulative. Children and young people with developing brains & bodies are the most at risk. Educate and protect yourself, your family and friends with MetaMasks.

REPLACEABLE FILTER means you can remove the filter and wash the mask when necessary. Package includes 3 sets of nano filters, one filter is already in place so you can start using as soon as you receive your mask. Fully re-engineered with no compromise on quality. Each filter is usable for approximately 200 hours.

• Advanced nanotechnology filtration with 99.99% protection at PM2.5
• Super-breathable poly-honeycomb outer
• Adjustable embedded nose clip & ear loops
• Chin wrap for secure fit and effective air seal
• Organic Handmade bamboo lining inside for soft & comfortable wear
• Antibacterial & Hypoallergenic materials
• Perfect for commuting, travel, airplanes, outdoor and daily use
• Filters out smoke, dust, ash, exhaust, toxins, pollen, pathogens, odours
• Functional & Fashionable accessory

MetaMasks guarantee the effective filtering of pollution conditions when used correctly, however, MetaMasks is not medically proven to prevent illness or disease.

Due to Health Regulations, respiratory masks are personal items and may not be exchanged or returned for resale. Masks will be replaced only if defective in materials or construction. Please consider your order carefully before placing it.

What size should I order?
Please see size chart here.

Material: Poly-honeycomb outer, Organic bamboo inner
Fit: Adjustable earloop with stylish chin wrap

Find out about MetaMasks here at MetaMasks FAQ.

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