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Ultimate Bio Hair Loss Renewal Gift Set

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Bema Bio Hair

Best-selling Organic Hair Loss Shampoo and Lotion! Stimulates and strengthens the hair connective tissue, reducing hair falling (-51 %). Protects epithelial tissues and strengthens hair roots, improving hair growth (+32 %), structure and volume.


  1. Organic Hair Loss Bio Shampoo (Full Size)
  2. Organic Hair Loss Bio Lotion (Full Size: 10 x 10 ml)
  3. Organic Bio Conditioner (Full Size)


Supercharge hair growth, naturally.

Bema Cosmetici's Ultimate Bio Hair Loss Renewal Gift Set is the perfect trio for anyone looking to give their hair an extra boost or resolve hair loss issues.
Clinically tested and specially formulated for all types of hair. 
Organic Hair Loss Solution Bema Bio Hair Loss Organic Shampoo Serum Treatment vegan natural hair growth formula gift set SingaporeBema Cosmetici Eco Bio Vegan Organic Natural Metal Tested OGM Colouring Agents Paraben Free Clean Skincare Hair Treatment Body Care
Expat Living Best Hair Loss Shampoo Post Partum postpartum Hair Growing Shampoo Natural Hair Growth Receding Hair Line Vegan Eco Singapore
Bema Bio Hair Loss Shampoo and Lotion Hair growth hair regrowth natural solution for hair loss serum treatment vegan organic Singapore

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