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Blue Defence Organic Anti-Ageing Multi-Protection Cream

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Bema Blue Defence

A facial treatment with a regenerating and anti-wrinkle action, designed to tackle facial skin ageing caused by harmful blue light rays from electronic devices.

This cream has an exceptional antioxidant action, nourishes in depth even the driest skins and re-activates their internal hydration mechanism. The skin is soft and smooth again, the dehydration wrinkles disappear.
Recent studies have shown that blue light rays can penetrate down to the epidermis, thus causing skin hyperpigmentation. It contains Visiblue Screen Complex®, which helps to regenerate skin and reduce wrinkle development. It is ultra-hydrating and suitable for mature skin.

This cream has an exceptional antioxidant property, nourishes skin in depth and re-activates it internal hydration mechanism.

It contains natural functional ingredients such as Tomato Seed Oil, Cranberry Seed Oil and Olive Fruit Oil.


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