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Baby Care Set

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Bentley Organic

Bentley Organic's baby care trio perfect for young ones!

Includes full-sized:
  1. Baby Wash (250 ml)
  2. Baby Vapour Balm (50 g)
  3. Baby Oil (250 ml)

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Baby Bath Soothing Natural Eczema Sensitive Skin Rashes Infant Wash Organic Baby Products Kids Gift Singapore

Tender care for delicate skin with Bentley Organic's all-natural Baby Wash, Baby Oil and Baby Vapour Balm.

Bentley Organic Baby Wash

Suitable for hair and body, this mild baby wash contains soothing Aloe Vera with chamomile and lavender to gently refresh your baby’s skin.

» 85% Organic Ingredients

Bentley Organic Baby Oil

Sunflower and Jojoba moisturise and protect delicate skin, with conditioning chamomile leaving your baby feeling soft and smooth.

» 99% Organic Ingredients

Bentley Organic Baby Vapour Balm

A gentle chest rub enriched with organic Eucalyptus oil to help ease breathing and clear congestion.

» 100% Organic Ingredients

Expiry Dates:

Baby Wash - 30/7/2022

Baby Oil - 30/9/2022

Vapour Balm - 30/9/2022


Bentley Organic Baby Time Gift Set Baby Shampoo Body Wash Natural Vegan Organic Baby Products Eczema Sensitive Skin Singapore

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