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Bema Bio Blue Defence Facial (75mins)

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Bema Blue Defence

Blue light through electronic LED lights penetrate to the deepest layers of your skin, damaging it’s collagen leading to skin pigmentation. With the scientifically formulated Visiblue Screen Complex® Natural and Organic BEMA Blue Defence, your skin will be protected from these harmful effects.

Enjoy powerful yet gentle protection with the Visiblue Screen Complex® which defends the skin and reverse any harmful effects caused by Digital Blue Light. Through the 3 stage renewal process, this gentle yet effective facial infuses skin with the protective power of Verbascum petals to shield your skin from ultraviolet and infrared rays, while powerful antioxidants such as lycopene and knotgrass help improve skin elasticity.

Experience Aldha’s Organic answer to Digital Ageing.
Facial Treatment comprises:
Protective and gentle cleansing and toning with Blue Defence Cleansing Milk Make-Up Remover followed by a facial steam and pore cleansing. Pressure point effleurage with multi – protection cream providing toning and soothing respite finishing with a gentle Peel Mask, multi – protection fluid and eye contour for a fresh, bright and youthful radiance.

Awarded 'BEST ORGANIC FACIAL' at Harper's BAZAAR Spa Awards 2019.

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