Bema White Lightening Facial (75mins)


With the pollutive external environment and internal stress factors, hyperpigmentation, acne, uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles appear with time and age.
Bema Bio White Lightening Facial tackles both external and internal factors in a single treatment. Organic and natural antioxidant ingredients such as Pomegranate Extract, Arbutin, Bearberry Extract, Hibiscus Extract and Betaine.
Facial Treatment comprises of:
Gentle cleansing with skin compatible and emollient Lightening Cleansing Milk, Smoothing Lightening Face Scrub for sensitive skin, followed by facial steaming and pore cleansing. Lightening face cream is expertly applied with lymphatic effleurage treatment finishing with Lightening Face Mask and Lightening Serum.
An all-natural treatment created to brighten and even skin tone.
Enjoy Your First Session at $118 (U.P. $168)

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