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Biopassion Organic Body Care Duo

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Each set comes with a refreshing organic shower gel and a silky organic body lotion.

The refreshing shower gel nourishes the skin; leaving skin soft & smooth. Suitable for all skin types; formulated with organic and natural ingredients

The supple body lotion envelops your skin nourishing & moisturising all skin types leaving a smooth and velvety appearance.

  1. Bamboo: Combine the purity of water lilies and the protective quality of bamboo.
  2. Lotus Flower: The ‘flower of forgetfulness’ to help you forget and wash away anxiety, stress and tension.
  3. Vanilla: The sweetness of vanilla and the freshness of lemon create a perfect mix of subtlety and energy.

Buying in a set gives you wonderful value with savings of almost 50%! From $33 to $17.

Also comes in a special Valentine's Day packaging!

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