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Blue Defence Organic Peeling Mask

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This delicate Peeling Mask is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive, thanks to its dual way of use. Rice and Argan guarantee a mechanical exfoliation, while the Glucono Delta Lactone activates the enzymatic exfoliation that acts in depth and leaves your skin oxygenated and elastic. After this treatment your skin will be fresh and bright: the pores will be less visible, the skin will be brighter and cleaner.
This product is designed to tackle facial skin aging cause by harmful blue light rays from electronic devices. Recent studies have shown that blue light rays can penetrate down to the epidermis, thus causing skin hyperpigmentation.
All Bema Blue Defence products are built upon Visiblue Screen Complex®, which helps to protect skin from UV damage and photo-ageing. Visiblue Screen Complex® is an exclusive complex of new-generation active ingredients developed in the Bema Cosmetics Research Laboratories. Visiblue Screen Complex® is able to shield Blue and Red lights and reduce their harmful effects.

Winner of HerWorld Beauty Awards 2019.


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