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Candle Vaporizer

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Blue Flower Pot
Yellow Flower Pot

Candle vaporizers are designed keeping in mind your physical, emotional and mental health. They help diffuse the essentials oils or blended oils effectively. Diffusion is an important form of aromatherapy which doesn't require any direct contact. You can conveniently diffuse the oils in one corner of the room and you will be able to acquire its benefits sitting in another corner. Candle vaporizers make this diffusion easy and quick. They are economical, easy to travel with and come in beautiful colors. Be it filling your room with lovely smelling aroma or be it fighting potential diseases, our vaporizer does the job quite effectively.

Diffusion through our vaporizers can lift off exhaustion, relieve anxiety, energize you or even calm your senses. They can even fight minor health ailments such as colds, coughs, headaches and the like. When used properly they do everything from inducing sleep or repelling insects. Go ahead and get to diffusing to achieve the perfect balance between your physical and mental state.


Blue Flower Pot - 9 hours burn time

Yellow Flower Pot - 4 hours burn time


1) For safety, place the diffuser on the non-inflammable surface.

2) Fill the diffuser with water up to the brim.
3) Add 3-4 drops of essential oil or blended oil.
4) Light the candle directly under the center of the Vaporizer.
5) Allow 5-10 minutes for the oil to diffuse. Note: The effect on the diffuser depends on the size of the room.

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