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Connect Roll-On

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Celebrating Self Through Others

Nourishment and strength come not only from physical sources of food, water and air. It is also the soul effluvia that flows into us from others—how one is ignited to act, to create, and to fruitfully collaborate with other living beings around us. Without being fully open and receptive for the energetic gift that comes from the social periphery, we miss much of the potential life offers for evolution and transformation. For many individuals, past wounds and disappointments in relationships – whether those in one’s personal, cultural or professional life – have resulted in hardened barriers of cynicism or seclusion. When human warmth and receptive potential for new social connections is stymied, one’s potential future is limited in the workplace, community, and family.

The Connect™ TerrAnoint™ Formula helps us to see beyond the illusion of separation, learning to take risks and build channels of exploration and adventure for social relationships in all aspects of life. The predominant underlying healing theme in this formula involves the ability to listen and to receive, to re-imagine what comes to meet us in the “other.” It cultivates the capacity to be curious, flexible and open to the many social possibilities that present themselves for the further enrichment and evolution of one’s life.

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