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Daily Perfection Set

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This delicate Peeling Mask, with the exclusive Visiblue Screen Complex®, is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive, thanks to its dual way of use. Rice and Argan guarantee a mechanical exfoliation, while the Glucono Delta Lactone activates the enzymatic exfoliation that acts in depth and leaves your skin oxygenated and elastic. After this treatment your skin will be fresh and bright: the pores will be less visible, the skin will be brighter and cleaner.

A Serum specifically developed to tone up mature and demanding skins. Thanks to the highly concentrated formula, it visibly smoothes face wrinkles. In particular, it stimulates the derma-supporting fibres and keeps the tissues elastic and resistant.

Its creamy formula has a high concentration of the very effective active principles. It gently removes both make-up and impurities making your face feel fresh and toned up again. The cleansing milk, having no surface-active agent, cleans your skin carefully without impoverishing its lipid layer. Effective against free radicals.

Save when you buy in a set: From $164 to $115.

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