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Goldenrod Flower Essence (30ml)

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The essence of Solidago californica (yellow).

Helps to promote: Strong and secure sense of individuality, balance with group or social consciousness.

Patterns of imbalance: Overly influenced by group or cultural ties; inability to be true to oneself, easily susceptible to peer pressure or external social demands


Taken orally from a dropper bottle; the standard dosage is four drops four times daily. Drops may also be taken directly from bottle; mixed in a glass of water, or made into a dosage bottle by mixing several drops with water and brandy (typically ¼ to ½ ounce) in a one-ounce dropper bottle.

When mixing in a dosage bottle or glass of water, take two drops from each essence selected. There are many other ways of using them, such as in misting sprayers, in a cream base, or in baths.

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