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Spiritual Flower of Life Water Restructuring Glass Bottle

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The Flower of Life model is a symbol of sacred geometry, has an ancient spiritual value. It is thought to recreate the basic forms of space and time.

Flaska glass is processed by TPS technology, which has the ability to structure the water within 5 minutes. Water molecules restructure to the structure of pure, mountain spring water that is closest to the structure of water in our cells and body.

This water is much more useful to us, it is absorbed much faster than our organism and there is no need to spend excess energy on processing when it is absorbed. Accordingly, our body is hydrated much better and faster, and we feel more vibrant and energetic. This bottle is protected by a cork sleeve, a sustainably grown natural material. It is also insulating and non-allergenic.

Made in Slovenia, Europe.


All Flaska bottles are able to transform tap, mineral or other types of drinking water. After 5 minutes, the water is changed to resemble the structure of natural spring mountain water. Natural Spring water is most beneficial to our bodies as it is the most similar to the structure of the water within our cells and organisms. Do not put hot boiling water into your Flaska.

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