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Flaska Wonderful Water Gift Set

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From the home to the office, Flaska's Wonderful Water Gift Set comes with the Vodan Jug and Sirius Glass. The perfect gift for anyone.

Flaska returns water to its natural spring structure with it's patented TPS water restructuring process.

We are all vibrationally aligned with the energy of the water and the place where we live. Flaska is not just beautiful glassware, but a product that improves the quality of life.

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Better water for your family and friends

Flaska Vodan Jug Sirius Glass Home Water Pitcher Jug Dining Glass Dinner Glass
Flaska Vodan Jug Home Water Jug Singapore

 Flaska transforms your water! Water filter change water molecule better drinking water Singapore

Transform your drink

All Flaska bottles are able to transform tap, mineral or other types of drinking water.

After 5 minutes, the water is changed to resemble the structure of natural spring mountain water.

Natural Spring water is most beneficial to our bodies as it is the most similar to the structure of the water within our cells and organisms.

Do not put hot boiling water into your Flaska.

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