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Flora - Sleep (30ml)

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Promotes deep relaxation in order to facilitate falling asleep and staying asleep
Encourages more restful, undisturbed sleep so that one awakes feeling refreshed
Helps the soul more fully release from the body while sleeping, in order to experience dreams and related spiritual information
Can be used topically to help calm specific energy centres (according to each individual’s need) that are too awake in the evening. Typical applications include: the third eye, left and right temples of the forehead, the heart centre and the solar plexus (stomach region)
Facilitates recognition and release of chronic mental and emotional patterns that hinder rest and sleep, including specific sources of stress, anxiety, emotional upset or worry about the future
A beneficial travel remedy when the body needs to set a new internal clock for sleep. Take at least two doses one or two hours before sleep and one further dose just prior to sleep.
A beneficial night-time formula for children who are prone to nightmares, fitful sleep or other sleep disturbances
A good remedy for animals who have disturbed or agitated sleep, or who need to develop more consistent sleep patterns in harmony with their households

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