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Naturys Farm Mask Set

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Bema Naturys


Pumpkin Face Mask: Rich in antioxidants, and effective against tired, dull, mature, and clogged skin. Contains natural functional ingredients such as Organic Shea Butter and Pumpkin Oil which helps to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, tone, moisturise and nourish the skin.

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Celery Face Mask: This face mask moisturises, tones, and boosts collagen. Celery Extracts deeply hydrates and softens skin, while boosting collagen. This is a perfect treatment for stressed skin.

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Horseradish Face Mask: Formulated to deeply cleanse and nourish any skin type. The Charcoal reduces excess sebum, the Black Horseradish Extract increases your skin’s energy and radiance, and whilst the Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil have a deep nourishing effect.


Save when you buy in a set: From $81 to $65!

Expiry Date: 30/11/21

Certified ICEA Eco Bio Organic, No Parabens, Preservatives or Colouring Agents, No SLS/SLES, No Mineral Oils, PEG/PPG, Silicons, or Formaldehyde, Alcohol-Free,  Nickel, Chromium and Cobalt Tested.

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