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Vanity Routine Sebum-Balancing Soap

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Bema Naturys Vanity

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Oily, Combination Skin,

From Pure Extract of Red Alga, Tea Tree Oil and Sweet Almonds. This purifying facial wash is made for oily and combination skin, cleansing both make-up and impurities from the face. It dissolves and eliminates excess skin sebum, dust and impurities while preserving the skin's natural barrier. No surface-active ingredients, so the skin's hydrolipidic layer is not damaged and sebum glands are not stimulated.

ICEA Eco Bio and Vegan Certified. Extracts from Organic Agriculture, No Parabens, Colouring Agents, PEG/PPG, Synthetic Solvents/Emulsifying Agents, Propellants, SLES/SLS, Petroleum or oil by-products, Formaldehyde, Ethyl alcohol, Silicone, Non-GMO derivatives, Vegan, No animal testing, Made in Italy, Dermatologically and Microbiologically tested, Specially formulated to reduce the risk of skin allergies.


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