Spiritual Collection - Freedom (300/500/750 ml)



"People are beings of free will. We express our capabilities and talents with ease and openness when we live in an atmosphere of pure light, freedom, non-attachment and independence. Each one of us occasionally tangles into the sticky webs of dependence, attachment and chains, which limit our natural state of freedom". Ilim Milei dissolves and decays all forms of unwanted slavery to bad habits, substances, relationships and people.

Flaska Freedom is protected by a 3mm neoprene sleeve which protects Flaska and keeps the water cool. This Flaska bottle is made from TPS water restructuring glass using Orgone (also known as Qi) cannons. Restructured water is absorbed much faster than our body as it is very similar to the existing structure of the water found in human cells. Accordingly, our body is hydrated much better and faster and feel more vibrant and energized. All Flaska Bottles are made with environmentally friendly, washable and reusable glass.

This product is made in Slovenia, Europe.


All Flaska bottles are able to transform tap, mineral or other types of drinking water. After 5 minutes, the water is changed to resemble the structure of natural spring mountain water. Natural Spring water is most beneficial to our bodies as it is the most similar to the structure of the water within our cells and organisms. Do not put hot boiling water into your Flaska.

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