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Bema Bio-Eco Aloe Cream

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Bema BioEcoCream

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Main ingredients:
Extract of Aloe, Acerola and Willow Bark Extracts, Copper and Zinc Biomineral Complex, Vitamin E

Instruction for use:
Apply the cream on the part to be treated.
Apply it several times during the day.
External use only.

BIOECOCREMA ALOE is suitable to the treatment of sun-rushes, allergic eczemas and other skin affections as it acts as a skin adjuvant. It is particularly indicated to soften the itching due to insect or generally pricks (also on private parts). It is useful as an after-sun cream, also gives relief in case of sunburns caused by the excessive exposure to sunlight or by other heat sources.

The presence of small coloured particles, if any, in the product means that there is a high concentration of active principles and does not influence the quality and the effectiveness of the product.

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