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Aldha curates a range of premium, effective and affordable natural and organic skincare/wellness products for men, women and the family focusing on holistic wellness, household, beauty and healthy skin regeneration for all skin types, specialising in sensitive skin conditions.

Bema Cosmetici

Natural and Organic for all

Bema Cosmetici is a leading Italian brand for natural and organic certified products. For over 40 years, Bema Cosmetici has perfected the art of manufacturing organic certified cosmetics for pharmacies, beauty salons and sports centres. We have a large range of various certified organic, metal tested, gluten-free and/or vegan products to address all different skin types and concerns.

Bentley Organic

Natural Body, Hair, Baby and Household care

Bentley Organic aims to provide the purest, cleanest and safest products for all. Bentley Organic was launched in the UK in 2006, starting with a small range of organic soap products. The brand has been received with great success and continues to grow, now producing body care, hair care, baby care and a unique range of household cleaning products. Bentley Organic focuses on using green chemistry to create innovative new products that provide safer alternatives for the individual and the environment.

Dr Hauschka

Natural medicine, healthy skin and the rhythms of nature.

Inspired by our vision of a culture of care, Dr Hauschka has created a company powered by principle. Every action taken is in the interest of fostering well-being in the world, from our ecologically conscious methods of growing and sourcing ingredients to our one-of-a-kind manufacturing processes and international fair trade initiatives. Dr Hauschka stands proudly by the natural skin care products they have created, keeping purity and efficacy as their top priority in order to help people nurture their health and beauty as well as inspiring them to recognize and foster beauty and well-being in others. Dr Hauschka is active in their local communities and engages in projects the world over that help transform disadvantage into self-reliance and economic sustainability.


Your Personal Portable Water Spring

On its way from the spring to the tap, water travels through long straight pipes made from different materials — lead, asbestos, plastic, etc. Substances which comes into contact with our water changes the particles in our water. The same thing happens in bottles or water dispensers in which water is stationary for a longer period of time. Flaska products bring the vibrational structure of water closer to the structure of spring water, i.e. water in its natural environment. Using the TPS (Technology of Programming Silicon) procedure, a vibrational programme consisting of various kinds of information from nature is imprinted into the glass. The Flaska water bottle is made from robust glass, which is highly resistant to drops and knocks and will survive the majority of everyday accidents. Glass is the most logical material for water bottles – it doesn’t put your health at risk, helps protect the environment and enables you to live an active lifestyle.

Flower Essence Services (FES)

Bridging Body and Soul

Flower essences are liquid extracts used to address profound issues of emotional well-being, soul development, and mind-body health. They are part of an emerging field of subtle energy medicine, which also includes homoeopathy, acupuncture, colour therapy, therapeutic touch and similar modalities. FES is a dual-certified Organic and Demeter Biodynamic® brand for their land, wild-harvesting and product preparation — these are the highest standards in the world for sustainable land use. From oral drops to oils and creams, FES provides a range of health and emotional concerns.


Purveyor of Fine Chinese Teas

TeaSpec comes from a family of avid Pu'er collectors. The name TeaSpec was chosen from the desire to set a standard in Pu'er teas; the quality, its properties, provenance and vintage value.
All TeaSpec teas are aged in Malaysia, as it is widely acknowledged that tea leaves aged in Malaysia is highly sought after by tea experts worldwide, over those stored in China, Hong Kong or Taiwan. Due to the perfected aging process that TeaSpec teas undergo, TeaSpec teas have matured in a similar way to older vintage teas and boast the associated robustness and complexity.


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