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Natural Talc Roll-On Deodorant

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Bema Bio Deo

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NEW. Formulated with aloe extract and organic distilled Damask Rose and Orange Blossom Water, this long-lasting deodorant roll-on is free of propellants, ethyl alcohol, allergens, aluminium chloride and other aggressive agents. It neutralizes body odour without affecting the physiological balance of the skin or preventing normal perspiration.

Specially formulated for sensitive skin.

ICEA Eco Bio and Organic Certified, ICEA Certified Vegan, 100% Eco Bio, 100% Natural Origin from Plant Extracts, Sustainably made, No animal testing, No Chemicals/Synthetics, GMO, PEG/PPG, Silicones, Petroleum/Mineral Oils, Parabens or Colouring Agents, Metal Tested, Made in Italy, Dermatologically and Microbiologically Tested for sensitive skin.


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