Lightening Face Cream

Bema White

A targeted anti-stain and depigmenting action restores to the skin its naturally luminous complexion.
Made with a special phyto-lightening complex, consisting of natural plant extracts such as Pomegranate, rich in ellagic acid, Betaine, Arbutin and Bearberry that hinder the excessive production of melanin and prevent the onset of unsightly spots.
The formulation is completed by Hibiscus extract, Vigna Aconitifoglia and Pisum Sativum that hinder expression wrinkles by protecting the skin from external agents and oxidants.
It contains two natural sunscreens: Mica and Porfiria Umbilicalis, which protect the skin from harmful sun rays, the main cause of premature ageing of the skin and uneven complexion.

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