Organic Purifying Shampoo


The Sebo-like ingredients of the Purifying Shampoo, such as Copaiba Balm and Andiroba, Açaí, and Amazon Walnut Oil and cleanses by affinity and not, by contrast, releasing the many properties.

These properties regulate sebum production and cell turnover, eliminating any alterations or irritations that make hair less oily.

The activity of the Organic Thyme and Lemon Distilled Water is essential to purify the hair and prepares it for the nourishing and moisturising action of the Organic Olive and Macadamia Oil without weighing it down.

Winner of 'Best Shampoo for Oily Scalp' in Cleo's Beauty Hall of Fame 2018.

200 ml

Expiry Date: 31/10/2020

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