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Spiritual Law of Attraction Protective Bottle Sleeve

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Change up your Flaska look with different sleeves and colours! If your bottle sleeve shows signs of wear and tear, gets dirty, or you simply need a little change, just order a new one and refresh your Flaska. The neoprene protective sleeve protects your Flaska from knocks or falls and keeps your cold water cool.

LOVE (Pink) - Amar Nat
Designed to invite an abundance of love into our lives and to pervade us completely with its divine vibration. Love gives our life a new meaning and its true value. Love transforms us, elevates us and brings out the best in us. It reconnects us with our deepest inner self, which begins to flourish and glow.
HAPPINESS (Blue) - Kaler Adali
A symbol of pure positive energy which is symbolized by a vertical of power with an intersection of present moment placed in the middle. The focus of the symbol reminds us that happiness is a current state of mind. It cannot be transferred into the past or future, but springs from a full awareness and unity with the universe at the given moment. In the present moment, we are the masters of our fate and we hold the keys to our own happiness which can only flow back and forth from here and now.
HEALTH (Green) - Olan Rei
The attraction symbol of health Olan Rei encompasses the entire process of healing of all bodies - material, mental and spiritual. The accession of all levels helps us to re-establish a healthy balance in the body.
SUCCESS (Black) - Tir Kairi
A powerful symbol to attract a new notion of success and move us in the circle of winners. New, unimagined opportunities open up in front of us while we magnetically attract the energy of success into our lives. Tir Kairi dissolves harmful thinking patterns of failure, which we have mostly obtained during the earliest periods of our lives. This symbol strengthens the consciousness of a winner.
FREEDOM (Orange) - Ilim Milei
"People are beings of free will. We express our capabilities and talents with ease and openness when we live in an atmosphere of pure light, freedom, non-attachment and independence. Each one of us occasionally tangles into the sticky webs of dependence, attachment and chains, which limit our natural state of freedom". Ilim Milei dissolves and decays all forms of unwanted slavery to bad habits, substances, relationships and people.
  • 3mm neoprene sleeves engraved with special mandalas, which protect Flaska and keeps water cool
  • Bottles sold separately here.

    Made in Slovenia, Europe.

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