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9 Reasons Why Organic Skincare is Good For You

September 01, 2020

9 Reasons Why Organic Skincare is Good For You

⁣Most people think that skin is only the body's visible outer layer, but it is the body's organ which is alive and charged with several essential duties. One of our skin's functions is to act as a shield between you and bacteria; it protects you inside from cold, sun, and cuts.⁣⁣

Yet, our skin is permeable and acts as a delivery system. It's porous enough to become wrinkled after a long bath or a little too much time immersed in water. Ultimately, what goes on our body goes into our body! ⁣ That is why we must take good care of it.

We believe it's essential to protect yourself from harmful, disruptive chemicals. This is why we strongly advocate products that are kind to the skin, as they contain no harsh, astringent ingredients. These are the nine reasons why natural beauty is good for you.

Eco-Friendly | No Side Effect | Heal & Restore | Smells Great | Natural Glow | Skin Nourishment | Non-allergenic | Suitable for All Skin Types | Skin-Ageing | Starting an organic skincare routine


1. Organic Products are Eco-friendly

Chemical-based skincare products have chemicals like fertilisers, pesticides, or bio-engineered genes, which could be poisonous for the skin. Commercial products are pollutant which affects the natural environment, the air we breathe, and the water we use.

Organic Products are Eco-Friendly

Associations such as The COSMOS-Standard makes shopping for products even easier and more transparent than ever. The COSMOS-Standard defines the criteria that companies must meet to ensure consumers that their products are genuine organic or natural cosmetics produced to the highest feasible sustainability practices.

COSMOS-Standard Organic and Natural Cosmetics Principles and Certification Guidelines
The COSMOS-Standard Principles (From COSMOS-Standard)

From ingredient sourcing to processing and manufacturing, COSMOS Certified products are strictly and routinely monitored to verify they meet international organic/natural and environmental standards. Discover COSMOS Certified companies such as Bentley Organic or Bema Cosmetici whose products are fully organic and bio-eco certified.

Chemical-based beauty products may contain harsh ingredients; when we use them on our body, they flow into the sewage system and eventually get absorbed into the groundwater.

Water Pollution

Try these hair care products that are 100% natural vegetable-based and fully biodegradable. Once dissolved in water, the product is non-digestible by microorganisms, making it great for your hair without leaving any traces in the environment.


2. No Side Effect

Harmful Chemicals in Non Organic Products

Parabens and other toxic chemicals are used in health and beauty products to elongate the life of products. Parabens are artificial ingredients, and although there are claims of its benefits, the possible side effects are still unknown.

Natural beauty products use natural ingredients that won't harm your body, but make your skin glow from the inside. Try a dermatologically-tested, certified organic skincare range that incorporates ground-breaking technological innovation for a pleasant change. 


3. Natural Products Can Heal and Restore

Organic skincare products can help to restore damaged skin cells to stop skin breakout, dark spots, age spots, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles, as the chemical products end up harming skin if continuously used.

Instead of opting for harsh chemicals to get rid of dark spots and hyperpigmentation, use a natural lightening serum to give your skin some TLC and address your skin concerns at the same time. 

Skin Lightening Natural Organic Pigmentation Removal Hyperpigmentation Singapore

Clean beauty isn't limited to just skincare! It can address all types of concerns, from hair loss and dandruff to intimate care, you can enjoy gentle yet effective natural care from head to toe.


4. Smells Good

Most organic beauty products smell lovely, naturally. The light and natural fragrance of the natural products comes from the extracts and essential oils derived from flowers, fruits, herbs, and other plants which naturally release a pleasant smell.

The fragrance is completely natural as compared to other non-organic skin products that may contain toxic chemicals. Or if they have an artificially pleasant odour, it may be from added synthetic fragrances which may hide the harsh smell of chemicals.

However, that does not disqualify all organic or natural products from having added fragrances. When you choose an organic product, pick the natural fragrance cosmetics, like these organic handwashes which are Paraben-Free, SLS/SLES Free, Alcohol-Free, Phenoxyethanol Free, Synthetic Colour Free, and Synthetic Fragrance-Free.


5. Natural Glow

Natural Glow Organic Beauty Singapore

With time, organic beauty products promote the natural functions of your skin. With organic products, you may notice that your skin has a natural glow, and you surely won't want to use chemical-based products that may gradually dry out the deepest layers of your skin.

Routine use of natural products leads to fresh, glowing skin that stays beautiful over time. The results of using an organic beauty product show almost immediately. Give this award-winning Organic Peeling Mask or Natural Glow Starter Set a try for that instant glow.


6. Skin Nourishment

Skin Nourishment Hand Cream Organic Natural Skincare Clean Beauty

Organic products give the skin a clean and beautiful look. These products are rich in pure and natural ingredients that provide skin nourishment with full restoration of the glowing effect.

On the other hand, chemical-based products may strip the natural oil from the skin. Organic products are different. They won't attack your natural protective oils, but hydrate your skin and prevent over-drying. Throw this nutritious hand cream packed with active ingredients in your bag for on-the-go skin salvation.


7. Non-allergenic

Products loaded with harmful ingredients may cause extreme skin irritation and reactions. Some may even face skin rashes, allergies, acne, or other skin issues.

Organic products are also great for soothing skin conditions like eczema and healing skin infections like acne. Incorporating an organic eczema cream or soothing no-alcohol organic hand sanitisers may soothe problem areas and reduce dry skin reactions.

Skin Rash Sensitive Skin Reaction

As we discussed above, natural or organic products have no side effects; it may make your skin softer and youthful. Clean beauty may be the answer to all your uncomfortable prickly skin dilemmas.


8. Suitable For All Types of Skin

Which Skin type do I have?

Most people don't know what kind of skin they have; this problem has a surprisingly simple fix. Natural ingredients work great for all types of skin.

Instead of sensitising your skin with harmful chemicals, go safe with organic products. If you know that you have sensitive skin, give this dermatologically tested face cream for sensitive skin a go.


9. Prevents Skin Ageing

Natural Anti Aging Organic Anti Aging Skincare Clean Beauty Singapore

Many products claim to stop the clock on skin ageing, erase crow's feet, wrinkles and laugh lines. However, the method in which organic and non-organic products prevent photo-ageing varies widely.

The pure and organic oils used in natural cosmetics and skincare allow the skin to repair in many ways, rehabilitating the skin from within. Incorporate a multiple award-winning organic anti-ageing range with clinical results to your beauty routine for youthful, fresh skin. 

Sensitive skin conditions like rosacea or eczema may have an adverse reaction to the harsh chemicals used in typical anti-ageing products. Areas of our face where our skin is thinner such as the under eyes are one of the first parts of your body to show visible signs of ageing, and may also be the most susceptible to adverse reactions to chemicals. Using an organic eye gel mask for 15 to 20 minutes can soothe and brighten up under eyes, and reduce dark circles.


Starting an organic skincare routine

Organic Skincare Natural Clean Beauty Skincare routine Singapore

Building your skincare routine can be an exciting and holistic journey. Find out which products are right for you and you can see amazing changes in your skin and well-being. Get a free skin consultation with our Certified Aestheticians and Aldha Experts who can help you build your own organic and natural beauty routine and find products best suited for your skin type.

Seek a doctor's opinion for guidance if you have an existing medical condition(s), are pregnant or breastfeeding.

* All images are for illustration purposes only. Individual results may vary.

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