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Aldha's Christmas Gift Guide 2021

December 14, 2021

A Channelnewsasia article in 2020 reported that many Singaporeans focus on Christmas gift ideas that convey positivity and wellness due to the pandemic. And this seems to be prevalent now across all ages, as recent marketing research show consumers want to be actively involved in their care. 
These trends show that your gifting efforts should also send the message of positivity and wellness.  Here at Aldha Wellness, we curated these nine gift sets that will help your recipient take care of their skin. Taking care of skin shows self-care, an essential part of wellness. So whether you are buying gift sets for your loved ones or maybe for yourself, check out this curated list of organic skincare sets.

  • Bentley Organic Relax  Gift Set (now $32)
  •  Have a busy friend always on the go? Or perhaps you need to remind your boss to slow down. Then choose this Christmas gift set to remind them to do just that. 
     It contains the sulphate-free Bentley Calming & Moisturizing Hand Wash, which has lavender essential oil to relax senses while washing hands. Other soothing ingredients like Jojoba oil and Aloe Vera Extract keep hands nice and soft. Accompany that with the similarly formulated Body Wash for a calming shower experience. 
    And because we all need hand sanitisers now, your busy gift recipient will appreciate the Organic Lemon Oil Hand Sanitiser. It has no alcohol or harmful ingredients, so hands remain soft and protected against germs and bacteria. 
    Purchase This Bentley Organic Relax Gift Set, (RP $47.00, now $32). It consists of the following products:


    • Bentley Organic Sweet Child Gift Set (now $32)

    This gift set is perfect for new parents, as it contains all the products that they’ll need to soothe the baby for a good night’s rest. When the baby gets colicky, the Baby Vapour Balm gently massaged onto the skin will help to ease breathing and clear congestion.
    And when out and about, both mother and baby can keep hands clean with the alcohol-free Mother & Baby Hand Sanitizer. The sanitiser contains natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera Extract and Bitter Orange peel Extract, which have excellent antibacterial properties.
    Babies and toddlers are curious and active, so help the new parents keep their children’s toys clean with the Toy Sanitiser. It’s formulated from plant extracts, so it’s safe to use even around pets yet strong enough to kill germs. 
    The Bentley Organic Sweet Child Gift set with a retail value of $58 contains:
    • Bema Up Christmas Gift set: Ultimate Double Lighting Duo (Bema Bio Double Lifting) (now At  $ 118.00) 

    We highly recommend this Ultimate Double Lighting Duo for your best girlfriend, your mother, or perhaps your mother in law. Or anyone who you need to show your devotion to, really, because this Christmas gift set has some of our best products for toning and regenerating skin to combat skin ageing.
    Using the Bema bioFace Double Lifting Cream and the Double Lifting Serum in combination can aid mature and delicate skin to recover its youthfulness and glow.  The key natural ingredients of oats and soy are known to combat skin ageing, improving elasticity and skin strength. The award-winning serum is lightweight and absorbs quickly into the skin.  This double duo with a retail value  of $196 contains:
    • Bema Bio Organic Regenerating Duo Gift Set  (now At $80.00) 

    If you know of someone who often works late nights or juggles multiple responsibilities, then chances are they probably skimp on sleep too. This Bema Bio Organic Regenerating Duo Gift Set will help them brighten their skin and give a lifting effect, faking good sleep in a matter of minutes.
    The Regenerating Face Peel is a brightening, anti-wrinkle product that shrinks pores with natural exfoliants of apricot kernels, gluconolactone and papaya. Continue the skincare routine by giving skin a natural lift with the Botox-like Effect Cream. This cream uses hibiscus seed to improve elasticity and Ilex Paraguariensis to increase UV protection. 
    This gift set with a retail value of $115 consists of:
    •  Bema Bio Organic Radiance Set (now At $158.00)

      The Bema Bio Organic Radiance Set has four critical products from the Bema White range, making it a very substantive gift set. As the name suggests, this makes an excellent choice for those prone to pigmentation from the sun. 

      First up, the Lightening Cleansing Milk preserves the skin’s natural pH while gently cleansing it. It has a special lightening phyto-complex formulated from natural plant extracts which prevent the formation of dark spots.

      Then there is the Lightening Facial Scrub which has a mix of enzymes from pineapple, paella and gluconolactone to help natural cell regeneration and leave the skin supple. Scrubbing works to prepare the skin for better absorption of other products from the Bema White range.

      The alcohol-free Lightening Facial Lotion cares for all skin types, soothing any redness away with organic extracts such as Mallow and Yarrow. A high concentration of pomegranate extract with a high content of ellagic acid, Betaine, and Gluconolactone, herbal extracts that help reduce discolouration and prevent the formation of dark spots. The final product in this Christmas gift set is the serum, which works to lift, brighten, and lighten skin. 

    With the sunny weather in Singapore, this Christmas gift idea will lighten your stress and make your recipient very happy as they start their journey towards more radiant skin! This gift set with a retail value of $227 consists of: 
      • Bema Bio Organic Beauty Gift Set ( now AT $$62.00)
      Perhaps gift this Christmas gift set for the teenage niece or nephew struggling to take care of their hormonal skin. It has the award-winning Nature UP BB cream for long-lasting wear to conceal blemishes, spots and wrinkles.
      The set also contains another accolade laden product, the gentle Water Gel Moisturiser, to soothe troubled skin. It has hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C, the ingredients you need to protect and moisturise skin simultaneously.  
      While we are firm believers in loving our skin, no matter what, yet sometimes we just need some skincare help so that we can present our best selves forward.
      This Christmas gift set will help your recipient look confident and glow this festive season. This dynamic duo with a retail value of $89 contains:


      • Bema Bio Organic Strengthening Essential Set (now At $88.00)

      This Bema Bio Organic Strengthening Essential Set is the Christmas gift idea you want to bookmark if you have a gym pal that needs to rebuild their skin barrier as quickly as they grow their muscles. The three products in this gift set help sensitive skin to lessen redness, protect skin from environmental factors and strengthen the skin barrier.
      The Bema Face cream For Sensitive Skin protects skin and reduce redness. It’s lightweight and soothing, which feels comforting to the skin after a hot, sweaty gym session. Skin also becomes more resilient with hyaluronic acid.
      It can get worst for those who have rosacea, a skin condition that makes the face flush red quickly. The Sensitive Serum is the best gift since it soothes irritated, delicate skin and lessens uncomfortable sensations.
       After a good workout sesh, we often wash our face and leave our skin defenceless in a hurry to head back home or to the office. By gifting this set, you’ll help your gym bff achieve great skin to match their athletic fitness. This Christmas gift set has a retail value of $136 and consists of: 
      • Bema Bio Restorative Set (now at $80.00) 
      While most of us spent our time working from home, as the Covid pandemic situation eases in Singapore, many find ourselves heading back to the office more often. The cool air conditioning of our offices versus the sunny weather can stress our skin out.
        Additionally, research shows that the light emitted from our computer screens can dry out our skin. Choose this Bema Bio Restorative Set if you need a Christmas gift idea for your favourite colleague who is also heading back to the office with you.
        This set has an ultra-lightweight Facial Cleansing Foam, the Rebalancing Restorative Lotion, and Anti-Pollution Antioxidant Face Cream. The cleansing form ensures skin doesn’t feel tight after washing, and the lotion helps to soothe skin with apple extract and chamomile. The face cream prevents wrinkles and nourishes dry skin with mullein flowers to make the skin more radiant and protect against oxidative stress.
        Therefore, if you want to show your care towards your loved ones, gift this Bema Bio Restorative Set. With products formulated to achieve deep hydration, they will experience smoother skin! This Christmas gift has a retail value of $120 and consists of:
        • Bema Bio Organic Toning Set (now AT $68.00)

          This Bema Bio Organic Toning Set will be an excellent Christmas gift idea for your most extroverted friend who loves make-up. The set has two cleansing products: the first is the Moisturising Cleansing Oil Milk, and the second is Facial Cleansing Foam. Double cleansing can help them clean off make-up and impurities with a duo cleanse so that their face remains fresh and clean even after a long day out. 

          The Moisturising Cleansing Oil Milk removes makeup and nourishes and brightens skin with its precious organic Argan, avocado, and sesame oils. These ingredients are known for their softening properties. 

          The Rebalanced Restorative Lotion rounds up this Christmas gift set to provide moisture and comfort for all skin types. Among other benefits, the lotion has chamomile, a key ingredient that calms troubled skin. The Christmas gift set with a retail value of $109 consists of: 



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