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The New BEMA Bio Pharma Sanitizing Care: Cleansing, Nourishing & Protective.

September 05, 2021

The New BEMA Bio Pharma Sanitizing Care: Cleansing, Nourishing & Protective.


Would you like to protect and nourish your skin? We all do.

The BEMA Bio Pharma Sanitizing Skin Care Line is perfect for anyone who wants the best of the best when it comes to their natural skin care and hygiene products. With Aldha's launch of BEMA BioPharma’s 3 newest "Care Products", there is something for everyone's needs!

This month, we are sharing our love for three new BEMA Bio Pharma products:

  • BEMA Bio Pharma Sanitizing Hands Cream
  • BEMA Bio Pharma Protective Face Cream
  • BEMA Nourishing Sanitizing Hands Soap  


BEMA Bio Pharma Sanitizing Hands Cream

BEMA Bio Pharma Sanitizing Hands Cream is ideal for those who are constantly on the go, taking care of others or simply want to keep their hands clean and soft. This antibacterial cream is perfect for those with dry/dehydrated skin as it deeply hydrates and is non-greasy while maintaining moisture balance and protecting your skin, keeping it soft and smooth.

Our hands cream has been specifically designed with an exclusive protective formula containing organic Tea Tree, Oregano and Rosemary oils and includes organic emollients that will help keep your hands soft and supple while also protecting them from the elements. BEMA Bio Pharma Sanitizing Hands Cream is enriched with organic shea butter, aloe vera extract and grapefruit seed oils which are all recognized for their nourishing as well as moisturizing properties.

Perfect on the go, in the office or when you need antibacterial protection lasting up to 8 hours.

BEMA Bio Pharma Protective Face Cream








BEMA Bio Pharma Protective Face Cream provides immediate hydration to the skin. It helps to repair the face skin from external agents such as smog, cold and wind, plus it calms sensitive and irritated skin by restoring its natural protective barrier, helping it to retain only the necessary moisture. 

Wearing a mask often is difficult for our skin as it can cause irritation, sensitivity and acne (‘maskne’) Bema Bio PHarma Face Cream is created for sensitive skin and for inflammation/irritation caused by the mask as it protects the skin from the humid microclimate that forms in the area covered by the mask. Its light texture helps reduce inflammation and blemishes by regulating excess sebum and helps restore the balance of the skin. Protect your skin while nourishing it with BEMA Bio Pharma Protective Face Cream!


What Should I Know about “Maskne”?

“Maskne” is a term that is used to describe what looks like acne, along the areas where a mask is worn. When a mask is worn properly, it is protecting you from some elements, however it also reduces the ability for the skin to breathe.

Instead, the skin sweats and activates a process that causes inflammation of the hair follicle with an irritation that can go much deeper. This changes the balance of good bacteria which affects the health of the skin. 

More bacteria means more inflammation and more breakouts. Hence, masks leading to acne, or “maskne” in the form of inflammation, blackheads and pimples. 


BEMA Cleansing Sanitizing Hands Soap







BEMA Nourishing Sanitizing Hands Soap is a perfect addition for anyone who wants their hands clean and soft without sacrificing quality or ingredients. This unique product is featured as a Star Product this month because it is an antibacterial, germicidal soap that will leave your hands clean while moisturizing them at the same time! 

This product works for both adults and children alike as it cleanses without dehydrating skin, leaving your hands feeling refreshed, as well as, truly clean.

Now that you know about the BEMA Bio Pharma Skin Care Line, it is time to try these Star Products out for yourself! Visit aldha.com or drop in to our Aldha villa and ask one of our Associates on how these products can help your skin care routine and hygiene practices. Also, don't forget to come by soon as our Star Products are currently 20% off for the month of September!

BEMA Bio Pharma has been the leader in skin care and hygiene for many years. With their three new products - Bema Bio Pharma Nourishing Sanitizing Hands Cream, Bema Bio Pharma Protective Face Cream and the Bema Cleansing Sanitizing Hands Soap - you can keep your skin safely clean and nourished while also protecting it from harmful germs. For more information on these fantastic products, visit aldha.com or feel free to reach out or stop by Aldha villa (Tel. 6538 2600).

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