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Keep Your Hair On! An Organic Guide to Healthy Hair and Hair Loss Prevention in Humid Weather.

August 13, 2021

Keep Your Hair On! An Organic Guide to Healthy Hair and Hair Loss Prevention in Humid Weather.

Not a lot of people are really aware of the fact that humidity can have an adverse effect on hair. But humidity actually has a damaging result when it is combined with excessive usage of hair styling products like hairspray and gels. When humidity mixes with these hair styling products, as well as other chemical treatments like colouring or perms, it can result in extreme and even unnecessary hair loss.

Here are our top tips for protecting your hair against breakage and hair loss in humid weather:

1. Have a humidity-friendly hair style.

Anything that will weigh down your hair might prove to be disastrous in humid weather. So it is important that you use styles which will keep humidity out of your hair or keep it from frizzing up and prevent breakage due to pulling and tugging at the roots.

2. Use humidity-friendly shampoos to keep your hair strong and healthy.

 You can do this by using humidity-friendly shampoos and conditioners. And to avoid causing additional stress to humidity-troubled hair, less is more when it comes to the amount of products you use on your hair as well as the frequency of washing it during humid weather. Wash less with higher quality shampoos specifically for hair loss.

 First and foremost, prevent future hair loss and damage. Use the BEMA Bio Hair Pro Restructuring Shampoo to prevent humidity damage. This humidity-friendly shampoo revives and enhances your hair’s shine and brightness helping to nourish, condition and control frizzy hair with Pracaxi Fruits Oil. Catering especially to Colour-Treated, Dry and Damaged Hair, the Restructuring Shampoo contains a precious blend of Organic Chamomile and Lavender Distilled Water, Organic Amazon Rainforest Annatto plant extract and Sunflower seeds Ceramides to enhance colour pigments and restore glossy, luscious hair.   

After prevention, continue with restoring any hair loss that has happened. BEMA Bio Hair Loss Shampoo is ideal for this. It works perfectly for hair loss whether from humidity or stress. This humidity-friendly formula helps to soften and smooth the texture of your hair while promoting natural regrowth at the same time.  Clinical tests results show 51% reduction in hair loss, and its general hair roots strengthening action improves hair growth up to 32%. The shampoo also works great with excessive amounts of humidity which cause dullness, dryness, or frizziness in your hair.

3. Limit or avoid heat styling.

 While it may seem like a good idea to use hot tools such as blow dryers and flat irons during humid weather, you should refrain from using these heating devices too often because they are sure to exacerbate humidity's damaging effects on your locks.

Your best bet would be to let your hair air dry as much as possible when humidity is making it feel icky and limp. If you must make use of a hot tool, don't pull back too much hair with it because this will only cause undue stress to your roots.

4. Maintain humidity-friendly hair care habits.

Make sure that you're not using too many styling products when humidity is in the air. Opt for a high quality conditioner like BEMA Bio Hair Conditioner that leaves your hair soft and humidity-friendly, so you can change styles freely without having to worry about destroying your mane.

5. Use a humidity-friendly hairbrush.

Avoid using your regular hair brush if you want to minimize humidity getting into your scalp and causing damage (or even breakage). Instead, use a wooden paddle brush that is less likely to tug at your strands.

6. Try BEMA Bio Hair Loss Organic Lotion for hair loss.

This Organic Lotion is not only a humidity-friendly alternative to drying alcohol-based hair tonics, but also protects hair from pollution. Between humidity and the recent stress of 2020, Covid-related hair loss also made an impact. Clinical test results for BEMA Bio Hair Loss Lotion show reduction of hair falling by up to 51% and stimulating hair growth by up to 32% especially enhanced when used in conjunction with Bema Bio Hair Loss Shampoo. Apply the BEMA Bio Lotion 2 or 3 times a day for 4 months to help prevent humidity-related hair loss. It is humidity-friendly and can easily penetrate the hair shaft.

7. Volumise without damaging.

Humidity can leave your hair flat and make the temptation to use more product and styling tools that much more enticing. We recommend using BEMA Bio Hair Pro Volumising Mask to help you achieve humidity-friendly volume. It works much like a hair dryer and uses active ingredients to stimulate your scalp's natural growth cycle, stimulating hair follicles and encouraging new healthy hair growth while leaving the rest of your strands moisture-balanced. It is also a nourishing defence against the drying effects of constant air-conditioning so pervasive in homes and buildings in our hot and humid climate.


8. Fight dandruff gently.

Drying air-conditioning and humidity can also cause dandruff because it makes the pH level in your scalp much higher. Use BEMA Bio Hair Pro Anti-Dandruff Shampoo to get rid of dandruff and maintain humidity-friendly hair care habits as well as hair volume. It helps prevent fine dry or oily flakes from forming on your scalp while keeping your strands moisturized and healthy.


BEMA Bio Hair and BEMA Hair Pro lines to completely care for your hair.

Ultimately, the humidity-friendly formula of Bema Bio Hair and Hair Pro Lines use a combination of natural ingredients to remove impurities, help maintain the health of your scalp and hair for humidity protection. BEMA products are designed to gently and effectively protect the hair with moisture in a humidity-friendly manner while nourishing each strand.

And the best news? These above-mentioned products are on promotion at Aldha.com the month of August! Grab yours now online at www.aldha.com or at Aldha villa (tel. 6538 2600).


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