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Our 3 Step Complete Hand Hygiene & Care Guide

by Aldha Store April 28, 2020

Our 3 Step Complete Hand Hygiene & Care Guide

Long before quarantine, you were likely busy managing everything from home life to homework, plus work-related responsibilities. Now, even with more time on your hands, you may find you’re still just as busy as you strategically balance meal prep, laundry, work-from-home deadlines and maybe even schoolwork for children. Chances are high that you may long for the days of a nice manicure and the 1-2 hour break you’d get to be pampered.  Beyond folding and cooking, typing and teaching, your hands are also very likely drying out due to frequent washing mid-COVID-19.

Between virus prevention and dry air-conditioning or weather, your hands could use a break - or at least some TLC.  Fortunately, we have several products that will give your hands … a hand! From seasonal chafing to ever-evolving chores, dry hands are common.  Whatever the reason, our top 3 Organic hand care products at Aldha are sure to put the cure in manicure. Follow our 3 Step Guide to incorporating complete hand care at home! 


With so much time together with family, it’s only natural you will want to care for your quarantined loved ones with gentle, yet protective, touches. These moisturising alcohol-free hand sanitisers are great for carrying around or throwing in your bag; you will want to stock up. Trust your hands and your health to organic hand sanitisers in either lemon or fragrant-free options. These products are 99.9% effective against germs and bacteria and have 0 alcohol or harmful chemicals.

Wash it out

Ditch Coronavirus and chemicals while washing your hands for the MOH-recommended 30 seconds per scrub. The Organic Calming and Moisturiwing Handwash from our favourite Bentley Organic sulphate-free hand washes cleanses hands gently but effectively. It's intentionally-made with lavender essential oil, giving it calming properties, perfect after a long day of hunkering down with homeschool or household tasks. The aloe vera extract helps to soothe skin, whilst the jojoba oil provides moisturising properties. It is a gentle product suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin, so you can share with everyone else in the household too.



After all the washing, it’s only natural that you are going to want to moisturize your skin. Get the best of the best with active organic ingredients such as sweet almond oil, avocado, soya, extra virgin olive oil and Karité butter to protect your skin and provide long-lasting moisture.

Bema's Bio Cream boasts a non-greasy application and has an award-winning reputation as 'Best Hand Cream for Day' in Cleo's Beauty Hall of Fame, as well as, Editor's Choice for 'Best Hand Cream' in Her World Beauty Awards.


Bentley Organic's Rose Geranium Hand Cream is perfect for restoring & protecting hands from frequent washing & sanitising; rich yet non-greasy, with a soothing natural rose geranium scent.
It's also Vegan, does not use any animal testing, Paraben-free, Alcohol-Free, Phenoxyethanol Free, Synthetic-Colour Free, GMO-free, Soil Association Certified, and made from Recyclable HDPE bottles!

How do you like to practice hand hygiene and care? Let us know in the comments!

Stay safe. Stay Smooth. Be gentle on yourself and your hands during this challenging time.

Aldha Store
Aldha Store


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