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Which Flaska should I get?

September 25, 2019

Which Flaska should I get?

In our previous blog post, we talked about Flaska and the benefits of restructured water. Now you're probably thinking: There are so many different options! Which Flaska is right for me?

There's a Flaska product for almost every place in your daily life! From home, to the office, to school and on the go, healthy water should always be handy. So which Flaska is which? We are going to break them down here!

 Which Flaska Should I Get?

What about sizes?

Flaska on-the-go bottles come in 3 different sizes: Handy (300 ml), Medium (500 ml) and Thirsty (750 ml)!Flaksa Sizes

The 300 ml little Flaska  bottles are perfect to throw in bags or for quick sips of water.

The 500 ml medium Flaska bottles is the standard water bottle size; great for everyday use.

The 750 ml large Flaska bottles are great for those who want a little bit more, and for those who are really out and about!

Now that you know all the different Flaska designs and sizes, explore our collection!

Please note that sold out items are available for pre-order at sales@optimal.com.sg or click on the Message Us button for assistance.

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